The international offshore sailing event “Evia Island Regatta” is organized every year by Evia Chamber, Evia Chamber Mutual Aid Association and Chalkis Sailing Club. The event includes 5 races (offshore, inshore, windward / leeward) with a total length of about 150 n.m. and is held in the sea area of the Gulf of Evia and Central Aegean.


The Gulf of Evia is the perfect place for exciting sailing races in August. This is due to the unique geographical morphology of Evia mainland as well as the sea currents, which create ideal wind conditions with tactic choices that make sailing battles quite interesting. At the same time, the sea area of Evoikos is full of islets and rocky ones, which are natural turning points in offshore racing, intensifying the racing competition. It is the first high level race organized in the region of Central Greece and the Organizing Committee is making every effort to establish itself as one of the best offshore sailing races in Greece.


To conclude, “Evia Island Regatta” is an important sporting event that promotes tourism and water sports in the prefecture of Evia. It also brings together visitors and residents with the intention of highlighting history, culture, natural beauty (sun, sea, and greenery), gastronomy and hospitality.


In Evia Island Regatta the protagonists are our islands, Evia and Skyros”.